What does it cost and what do I get? 


What do I get?

You’ll get:

  • An exclusive area anywhere in NZ with a minimum of 5000 residential postal address and often commercial businesses as well

  •  Client Database and demographic study

  • Comprehensive equipment pack including training

  •  9-year contract plus ability to renew for another 9 years for free

  •  Immediate brand recognition from NZ’s best known maintenance franchise

  •  Proven systems

  • Ongoing support from the franchise Support office

  •   Be part of a team of more than 50 franchisees

  •   Annual conference, regional meetings and one on one business support.

What does it cost?

We have three options to choose from. Select the option that suits you best:

      1.    Want to pay a lower purchase price? $14,300 +GST including your equipment pack and training.


      2.    Want to pay a lower monthly Royalty? $41,300 +GST including your equipment’s pack and training.


      3.    Want to buy a Gold area? $63,300 +GST including your equipment pack and training will get you into one of a the limited number, of highly sought after areas.


Please note: royalties are a fixed monthly fee based on your investment, you are not penalised for growing your business with Hire a Hubby.

 In addition to the above start-up cost, you will need to buy a suitable vehicle for your franchise – a black van or Ute no older than ten years of age.

Our partners at Continental Cars Volkswagen can help with your vehicle purchase. vwsales@continentalcars.co.nz


What territories are available?


Hire-A-Hubby territories are available nationwide.

If you choose to take up a franchise opportunity with Hire-A-Hubby, you'll secure a large operating area of your choice – this may be an entire town or suburban group. You'll also have ongoing support from the Franchise Support office.

To see the demographic breakdown of each listed area, please select your region of choice to see what areas are available right now. You get a full demographic breakdown and map of the area to view.


How do I finance my Hire-A-Hubby franchise?


Our Alliance Partners ANZ Bank can help!

Hire-A-Hubby’s partnership with ANZ bank will enable you to fund your franchise with a business loan of up to 50% of the cost, or further lending if you have equity in your home.

ANZ also offer no fees for the first 12 months on your Hire-A-Hubby business account, along with everything you need to start up a business account.


How much can I make?


As much as you want!

As a guide, you should be turning over around $2,500 per week for a 40 hour week. But there's no need to stop there – you can make even more money depending on your desire and motivation without being penalised for doing so!


What do I get in my equipment pack?


To get you fully up and running, you'll be provided with an equipment package which we have compiled based on over 15 years of experience and success in the industry.


  • 1 x Ladder Stops

  • 1 x ID Card

  • 1 x Gorilla Mobile Scaffold Base Pack

  • 1 x Bunnings Voucher


  • 1 x 12 Weeks local advertising

  • 1 x Sign Writing

  • 4 x Mentoring days
    Conference Delegates fee


Business Training Course (Costs Incurred)              

  • 1 x Security Check - Double Check

  • 1 x Accounting Seminar

  • 1 x Refreshments (morning & afternoon tea)

  • 1 x Lunch

Starter Kit    

  • 3 x Crew T shirts

  • 3 x Work Shirts

  • 1 x Work Shirt Long Sleeve

  • 3 x Shorts

  • 2 x Pants

  • 1 x Lined Polarfleece Vest

  • 1 x Microfleece Jacket

  • 1 x Quantum Jacket

  • 2 x Cap

  • 1 x Overalls

  • 1 x Freight
    Pricing confirmed against My Shopping Apr 16

Marketing Starter Kit                        

  • 4 x Coreflute Fence Signs

  • 500 x Business Cards (incl. clear cut & freight)

  • 500 x Hubby advertising flyers (not oncharged)

  • 100 x Pens


  • 1 x iPad Air 2

  • 2 x Screen Protector

  • 1 x iPhone 6 or newer - Cost dependent on product choice and on payment plan

  • 1 x Ipad Case

Safety Equipment - Starter Pack             

  • 1 x Safety Work Kits Sign Board and App incl freight

  • 1 x Fire Extinguisher

  • 1 x First Aid Kit

  • 1 x Hi Vis Vest

  • 1 x Sun Block

  • 1 x Clear Safety Glasses

  • 1 x Ear Muffs

  • 1 x Caution Tape

  • 1 x Hard Hat with Visor and Ear Muffs

  • 1 x Dust Masks (pack of 20)

  • 2 x Collapsible Cones


Do I need experience?


While DIY skills or a trade/project management background is a plus, Hire-A-Hubby’s comprehensive training, ongoing support and award-winning systems remove the need for experience.

Things we can not teach are a good attitude and work ethic along with the desire to own your own business and be in charge of your life. This is what you need to bring and goes along way to being a successful business owner.


How is Hire-A-Hubby different from its competitors?


Hire-A-Hubby is the most recognised home handyman brand in New Zealand.

1.    Fixed fees

The royalty and brand levy fees paid monthly by our franchisees are fixed. There's no uncertainty over outgoing payments and no penalties for earning more money in a given week.


2.    We give you the power to be your own boss and truly run your own business. With our comprehensive training and ongoing support, our franchisees:

  • Quote jobs for clients and deal directly with them.

  • Invoice jobs personally and receive payment straight into their own bank accounts (not ours).

  • Take care of their own tax returns and GST payments.

3.    21st century technology

Our award-winning franchise system is managed electronically, eliminating paper trails and saving our franchisees hundreds of dollars each year. Jobs are received, quoted and invoiced electronically, meaning no unnecessary trips to the post office and no long hours filling out paperwork.

4.    Big brand Alliance Partners

We've aligned ourselves with some of the most recognised brands in New Zealand, giving you the power to buy at the right price. Our current Alliance Partners include Vodafone, Bunnings, ANZ, Z Energy and Rothbury Insurance. Here is what our partners have to say:









When it comes to branding and market share, bigger is indeed better!

Because we're a well-established brand with trusted brand values, we attract a large percentage of work in our category. This high demand means more growth – of both our company and our market share – and that's good for all of us. 

We continually support our brand through an active marketing and advertising programme underpinned by a strong, business-enabling website and 0800 call centre.

Local area marketing is encouraged, and will be included as part of your equipment pack and training prior to starting your franchise.


A day in the life of a Hire-A-Hubby franchisee


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